About Us

Green Promotions ("Green Promo") arose out of the need in the promotional products industry for products that looked after our environment..

Your acknowledgement of that need is our success story and we thank you for it.


Three Key Areas

 Our aim is to make your promotional product choice an easy and successful one. Green Promotions is a different promotional products company in three key areas:

1)Every product Green Promotions sells is 100% Carbon Offset at no additional cost to you.

2) Our greenness is fundamental to our philosophy; it is not not an add on to our product range or an afterthought. We are unlike any other promotional products company in Australia in this regard.

3) Our green credentials are as high as they come. The system we use was rated in the highest possible category by Australia's Choice Magazine. No cutting corners or opting for the easy way out - our certification process is simply the best going around.


Additional Benefits

Green Products show that you are about more than just selling your product. It gives you and your company personality and depth.

How is this a benefit? Well, people like dealing with other people and the only way we differentiate people is via their personalities. Give your company a personality, and a nice one at that, and people genuinely want to work with you, buy your products and services and keep coming back to you for more. 

Often green products tend to be valued by their recipients as there is a message behind them.

How does that benefit you? Simply, presenting someone with something that has value in its message alone results in them valuing it higher and keeping it longer than a product that doesn't.

And when people hold onto your product, your message and brand are in front of them longer, improving efficiency and reducing cost. The benefit is undeniable.

Fundamentally, we are hard-working, friendly people with the experience and dedication to make your promotional product choice a success. Let us help make your job easier and your environment better.


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